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Philomath School District

Philomath School District Committees

Site Council

The Site Council is a group of teachers, parents, classified staff and an administrator that are charged with improving the school's instructional program for students.

  • Clemens Primary
  • Philomath Elementary
  • Blodgett Elementary
  • 2013-2014 Members

  • Philomath Middle School

    2013-2014 Members

  • Philomath High Schools

    2013-2014 Members

    Cindy Golston

    Susan Hobbs (Licensed Representative)

    Chris Beeton (Parent Representative)

    Other Members:
    Cari Denherder (Licensed Representative)
    Mike McDonough (Licensed Representative)
    Ruth Mock (Classified Representative)
    Sunny Bennett (Parent Representative)


    We currently have two vacancies for parent representatives, one for Philomath and one for Blodgett.


    Administrative Representative:
    Steve Bell, PMS Principal

    Site Council Chair & Teacher Rep.:
    Nancy Thompson

    Vice-Chair & Parent Representative:
    Jean Chiappissi

    Site Council Secretary & Parent Rep.:
    Steve Golston

    Teacher Representative:
    Carmen Martin
    Diane Crocker

    Parent Representative:
    Tom Klipfel
    Diana Kepner


    Administrative Representative:
    Ken Ball, PHS Principal

    Site Council Chair & Teacher Rep:
    Len Cerny (Licensed Representative)

    Site Council Secretary:
    Scott McCannell (Licensed Representative)

    Other Members:
    Mike Crocker (Licensed Representative)
    Nicole Stueve (Licensed Representative)
    Jay Celorie (Parent Representative)
    Tim Gerding (Parent Representative)
    Witherly Hellesto (Parent Representative)
    Robyn Jones (Parent Representative)


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    Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

    The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) provides a variety of resources that may be able to offer advice, assistance or guidance.

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    Technology Committee

    The Philomath School District Technology Committee is an advisory group whose members represent a wide range of stakeholders within the district. Its primary goal is to align technolgoy with the school districts long range plans.

    Current Members are:

    Meeting Agendas:                               Meeting Minutes:

    10-19-2015 Meeting Agenda  word      10-19-2015 Meeting Minutes word

    11-16-2015 Meeting Agenda  word      11-16-2015 Meeting Minutes word

    12-14-2015 Meeting Agenda  word      12-14-2015 Meeting Minutes word

    01-11-2016 Meeting Agenda  word      01-11-2016 Meeting Minutes word

    02-15-2016 Meeting Agenda  word      02-15-2016 Meeting Minutes word 

    03-14-2016 Meeting Agenda  word      03-14-2016 Meeting Minutes word 

    04-18-2016 Meeting Agenda  word      04-18-2016 Meeting Minutes  word 

    05-16-2016 Meeting Agenda  word      05-16-2016 Meeting Minutes  word